Fitness Tips

  • NetballTip1
    Netball Nutrition For The Win!
    Treat yourself to an action-packed Netball Quad Series and enjoy our top 3 takeaway-tips to help you stay in shape.

    For starters, mindful eating begins with lean meats, leafy greens, colourful veggies, seasonal fruits and, of course, nuts, beans and seeds. Indoors or out, ensure you have a bottle of water with fresh lemon slices or mint leaves on hand. And remember, the best way to replace electrolytes lost during hot summer days and intense workouts, is to opt for your favourite 500ml Energade Lite that contains less sugar and half the calories.
  • NetballTip2
    Fitness Tips From The Pros
    Core strength, quick feet, stamina and small efforts in-between are the name of the game!

    The inspiring Netball Quad Series sportswomen take to the court at the perfect time to motivate us to achieve our 2019 fitness goals. If you’re not set on a single workout routine, try a bit of everything to challenge your body in a balanced way: weight training, cardio and stretching. Keep in mind that combining nutrient-rich foods with sufficient exercise on a daily basis helps us perform well at work, school and life in general.

  • Soccer Tip 1
    Add soccer strength training to your routine!
    Take it up a notch by joining high performance soccer players who include soccer strength training in their exercise routine.
  • Soccer Tip 2
    Don't just talk a good game, play it!
    The simplicity of a soccer match; build a team, tackle the pitch together and score some fitness returns!
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